Description of women’s legal rights in the Indian Constitution and Code of Criminal Procedure

Legal rights of women-

In today’s changing times, the condition of women has also changed. Today women are not as helpless and useless as before. Today women are hoisting their flag from earth to sky. Today women inspectors, pilots, agriculture directors and even in protecting the country are not lagging behind.

Today’s women are strong women but even in the changing times, the role of women is getting blurred. Even today there are doubts about the safety of women. Even in today’s times, women are not feeling safe.

Even today, atrocities against women are continuously happening, although there has been a decrease in it, but even today women are not completely safe, there are many reasons for this. Some women even today do not know about their rights. Some women are aware of this but they cannot snatch their rights due to public shame, fear etc.

Through this post, we will give information about women’s rights and their powers and how women can be asked for their rights and how they can get their rights.



Legal rights of women in the Indian Constitution-

The Indian Constitution has given the following rights to women.

In this, the right to equality has been given in Article 14, 15, according to which everyone, whether male or female, has equal rights.

According to Article 15, everyone cannot be divided on the basis of religion, caste, origin, lineage etc.

According to Article 16, everyone is equal in public service.

Article 23 describes the ill-treatment of human beings.

According to Article 39, the Directive Principles of Policy have been explained in which women will be given equal pay like men, and information has been given about the law against exploitation of women.

According to Article 42, no man can make a woman do hard work nor make her work on heavy machines for a long time. There is a provision for harsh punishment for this.

According to Article 51 (3), all religions should protect caste and respect women, awaken the feeling of equality in all, provide harmony among all.

According to Article 243 (d), the status of women should be ensured in the Panchayat and women should also be given rights like men.

According to Article 494, once married, remarrying is punishable.

According to Article 498, it is a crime to seduce someone else’s wife and take it with you.

Article 498(A) Disrespectful behavior towards wife

Article 509: Disrespecting a woman.

Apart from this, maternity benefit will also be given –

In this, the Government of India will provide a benefit of Rs 6000. According to the 2017 bill, new laws are being made to help pregnant women.

According to Section 46, educational rights have been provided to scheduled and weak people.

The government provides dietary supplements and nutritious food as per ICSD.

According to 51A (A), the state will oppose such a law where women are being exploited.

1/3rd reservation for women will also be provided in municipal elections.

Rights of women according to Indian Penal Act –

The Criminal Act 2013 was amended for the safety of women –

According to which the punishment for cognizable crimes against women has been increased. Provision for fine has also been made in it. Now there is no hope of getting bail. LEGAL RIGHTS OF WOMEN

According to 354 B, stalking or attacking a woman etc. is included. There is a provision of 3 years imprisonment in this.

According to section 166b, if a hospital refuses to admit a victim, there is a provision of punishment of 1 year.

According to 326a and b, if someone throws acid etc. on a girl, he is given imprisonment from 10 years to life.

According to Section 344, if you show an obscene video, make a mockery or make a comment, there is a provision of 3 years of imprisonment.

According to 354c, there is a provision of 1 year’s punishment for delinquency.

According to 354d, if someone stalks a woman, there is a provision of imprisonment for at least 3 years.

There is a provision of minimum 7 years imprisonment for 376 rape, which has been increased to life imprisonment.

Comes under kidnapping from 363-373.

Sexual harassment comes under section 509.

Under Section 302-304, if a woman is killed for dowry, then it comes under this.

According to 366b, if someone trafficks a woman, there is a provision of punishment under it.

Apart from this, a married woman can live in her own house and can stop the atrocities against her by giving written information.

A woman has the right to take custody of her child.

According to the Hindu Marriage Act, the wife has the right to seek divorce if there are certain reasons.

If the man has married more than once.

If a man harasses a woman.

If both are living separately for 1 year.

If the husband has any mental illness.

A married woman can take maintenance allowance from her husband.

After divorce, you can get maintenance under section 25.

Any woman has the right to get a share in her father’s property.

The wife has full rights over her property.

The gender of a child cannot be determined without the woman’s permission.

Any married or unmarried woman can adopt a child.

It is not necessary to write the name of the husband for the admission of the child.

It is necessary to give equal pay to women employees for equal work.

If a woman does not want to work after 7 pm, her salary cannot be deducted.

The widow is the owner of her husband’s property even if she has remarried.

If the wife is HIV positive then the husband has the right to serve her.

Only women police can arrest any woman.

The police cannot keep a woman in the police station and interrogate her before or after sunrise.

Only a female doctor will examine the woman. LEGAL RIGHTS OF WOMEN